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  • 5 MG THC

    Cap for low dosing

  • 64 PERCENT

    Americans support legalization


    US medical cannabis patients

The whole topic of cannabis as medicine, and cannabis in general, alienates a lot of “mainstream” people.

Cannabis in low doses, however, is a great option to help manage stress and aid sleep in situations where traditional medical approaches have failed or produce too many unwanted side effects.

Many people won’t take a serious look at cannabis because they only think it’s about smoking and getting high, or they’ve heard horror stories of an edible gone awry and don’t want to risk it. We’re here to change the narrative.

Rebalan’s mission is to educate people about using cannabis in low doses.

What is Rebalan?

Through a combination of articles, news, guides, videos and resources, Rebalan provides information about cannabis basics and describes how to incorporate cannabis treatment into your routine in low doses to help with stress and aid sleep, without disruptive side effects.

  • Low doses help manage stress and aid sleep
  • Low doses minimize psychoactive effects
  • Low doses are available in familiar forms such as capsules and pills

Getting Started

Your primary care provider may or may not be familiar with this type of medicine (sometimes referred to as integrative cannabinoid medicine), so it is important to research individuals in your area with experience in this field to obtain a recommendation.

In states where adult recreational use is legal, you can walk into your local cannabis dispensary and find the low-dose product that is right for you. You can locate your local dispensary with a simple Google search.

Cannabis is an option when traditional medicine fails or produces too many side effects

Low Doses Help with Stress

Relax in a Controlled Way

Cannabis in low doses helps to calm your mind and supports relaxation and contentment.

Low Doses Help with Sleep

Go to Sleep. Stay Asleep.

Cannabis in low doses helps promote more restful, long lasting sleep without feeling groggy.

Learn More About Low Dosing

Cannabis in low doses is making a dramatic difference in the day-to-day lives of people suffering from stress and insomnia.

By establishing a low-dosing routine, people can reap many stress-reducing benefits of cannabis without experiencing any undesired side effects, such as coordination issues, extreme drowsiness, paranoia and appetite stimulation.

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