Alpine – Disposable Vapor Pen

Product Name:

Hybrid Blend Vapor

Product Description: .75 mg of THC per puff

Price: $35 per pen (300 mg - 150 puffs)


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  • Effect
  • Consistency
  • Labeling
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Kristie Amobi

When considering low-dose cannabis options for managing stress and aiding sleep, I definitely recommend ingesting cannabis over smoking cannabis. It’s almost impossible to predict and control the dose when smoking cannabis. Vape pens certainly make the whole process much easier but even then, it’s much more unpredictable dosing. The positive thing about inhaling cannabis, however, is the speed of administration. Usually within about 10 minutes of inhaling cannabis you can feel the effects. So why not do more vaping and low dosing? Because truly low dose vaping products are very difficult to find. Enter Alpine. I love so many things about this pen. First, it’s low dose! Second, it’s disposable (no charging or loading required). Third, it’s very sleek and sophisticated and last but certainly not least, the flavor is great. You can definitely find more value (higher THC content for lower price) but when low dosing is your goal, one drag of this pen is perfect.

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