Breez Cinnamon CBD Spray

Product Name:

1:1 Tincture Spray

Product Description: 5 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD per dose

Price: $50 (50 doses)

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Kristie Amobi

Breez has been developing products for years and always stood out to me as a company providing a lot of value in the low-dose arena. I have used the Breez mints before and prefer others for a variety of reasons, but I always appreciated the tremendous value that Breez was able to give consumers. For me, I would like to keep my dosing to 2-3mg of THC per dose and most of the Breez products are sold with 5mg of THC. That said, I was intrigued by this mouth spray as there are not a lot of mouth sprays out there generally and especially in the low-dose segment. I’m also becoming more of an advocate for using products derived from whole-plant extractions. Although this mouth spray uses isolates of THC and CBD, I think it’s better to have both cannabinoids present if you can because I do think these cannabinoids are both helpful. They don’t “activate” each other; they serve different purposes, which are both relevant to health and wellness. Bottom line, this mouth spray is great. Because of the higher dose of THC at 5mg per spray, it’s not something I want to have all the time, but I think it definitely has its place in a more recreational setting vs. daily use. It’s a discreet mouth spray offers 1:1 ratio of CBD/THC with great taste and effect!

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