Breez Cinnamon CBD THC Mints

Product Name:

1:1 Breath Freshening Mints

Product Description: 5 mg THC and CBD per mint

Price: $30 for a pack of 40 mints


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  • Consistency
  • Labeling
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Kristie Amobi

Breez makes the list because low-dose products are difficult to find, and Breez offers a few choices at a very friendly price point. Seriously, if you live in California, Breez definitely offers some of the greatest value I’ve seen for low dosing. The flavor of the mints is not as great as Kiva Petra mints – first, the actual quality is not as good and second, Breez is about half the size and for “minting” you definitely want something more substantial. It’s also double the dose and you know I’m very conservative in recommending anything over 2.5mg of THC. The other thing that is a big eyeball roll is the labeling – Breez states on its packaging that a novice should use 1-2 mints, average users 3-5 mints, and experienced users should go with 6+ mints. This is simply irresponsible dosing. We recommend the cinnamon mints with a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC (5mg of each). If you’re looking for something to help you sleep, try taking one of these mints at night about an hour before you go to bed and see how you feel in the morning. Don’t mix with alcohol and remember, it may take 2-3 hours to take full effect. These mints are also very portable and discreet, providing another great choice for someone who is new to low dosing. ONLY TAKE ONE.

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