Care by Design 1:1 Tincture

Product Name:

Sublingual Drops

Product Description: .34 mg of THC and .34 mg CBD per drop

Price: $40 per 15 mL container (714 drops)


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  • Consistency
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Kristie Amobi

Care by Design does have some of the best labeling I’ve seen. They offer small and large volume dropper bottles, providing various levels of value and effect. One of the best things about tinctures is that you are able to dial up the dose or dial back the dose easily and effectively and Care by Design makes it easy to see what you are doing with a lined dropper. Now at these low doses there is probably some variability in the method of administration. While I prefer 4:1 ratio for general low dosing, I think the 1:1 ratio is very effective for sleep because each ml of the liquid dose contains a higher level of THC and CBD. This is why it’s important not only to look at the ratio of the THC to the CBD but also in the actual mg of THC and CBD per ml of dose. Tinctures are also great because they can be mixed into other beverages for easier administration (or even recreation, if you were looking to have a cannacocktail, for example). You could easily mix some of this tincture into margarita mix and nobody would ever know the wiser if you are looking for a discrete method of dosing. Most tinctures have an awful taste on their own, and this is no different. Generally speaking the higher the level of CBD, the worst the taste. If you are just starting out to using cannabis tinctures, however, make sure to go with the 4:1.

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