Chew It Strawberry Lemonade

Product Name:

Fruit Chews

Product Description: 5 mg THC per piece

Price: $22 per package (20 pieces)

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Kristie Amobi

I’ll try almost anything as long as it 5mg or less of THC. In general, I’m not a big fan of gummy candies because I have young children and I don’t like the idea of having to keep medicated candy separated, but I was excited to find this berry/lemonade flavor on trip to Colorado. One great thing about fruity candies is that they generally mask the flavor of the cannabis really well and this is no different. The taste is great! What is not so great is the packaging. These come up packaged up in a little fruit roll-up type thing where you have to unwind the package and then CUT out your dose! Cut it out! Like with cooking scissors or a knife. Definitely much much better options out there for packaging – so I’m dinging the labeling for this reason. Effects are as predicted for 5MG THC dose. Since you’re already having to cut out your dosing square, you could just cut half for 2.5mg dose, but what busy person wants to be cutting a dose?! I have to commend Chew It on its packages though. A lot of this is governed by requirements in Colorado but nevertheless I like the container quite a bit. I have kept in on hand for storing other cannabis products because the size and child-proofing is great!
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