Dixie Awakening Mints

Product Name:

Stimulating Mints

Product Description: 5 mg of THC per mint

Price: $22 per pack (16 pieces)


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Shari Boyer

This review comes from Shari Boyer, founder of Plant Society, a great resource we love partnering with.

These are the perfect high: 5mg of uplifting sativa in a delightfully citrus flavored mint, smaller than my pinkie fingernail. Each tiny little mint is good for an entire day or evening of fun. I don’t know what specific strain of cannabis Dixie uses in the Awakening Mints, but it is a very nice one. Mellow, but happy and alert. Kind of like you are at the center of the universe. Great for a party or social settings, but without the lasting effects of having a few drinks.

Read the rest of Shari’s review on Plant Society’s website: https://plant-society.com/blog/dixie-elixir-awakening-mints.

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