Dosist – Arouse

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Low Dose Vape Pen

Product Description: 1.6 mg THC and .17 mg CBD per dose

Price: $40 (50 doses)

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This was the first cannabis product I ever tried, and I had really been hoping to like it. I loved the concept of Dosist pens; they vibrate once 2.5 mg of vapor has been dispensed so users know exactly how much they’re taking. I had been looking for an alternative to having a drink to unwind, and I went in planning to buy the Dosist Bliss pen, because that sounded like the feeling I was looking for. Arouse was ultimately recommended to me because the lower CBD count was less likely to cause drowsiness.

I really like that it’s easy to control dosing with the vibrating function of the pen. The vapor was fairly flavorless, but it did have the earthy aftertaste you’d expect from cannabis. My first time, I felt nothing after 20 minutes, but after a second dose ended up falling asleep for an hour. This has pretty much been my experience every time. At this point, I actually take 2 doses to take a nap or if I’m having a hard time falling asleep.

This wasn’t a win for me in terms of replacing alcohol, but I do like it as a product. If you’re looking for help with sleeping and controlled doses, Dosist pens might be a good choice. They even have a pen specifically for sleep.

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