Fruit Slabs

Product Name:

Infused Fruit Leather

Product Description: 10 mg THC per square

Price: $20 (10 squares)

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Kristie Amobi

Most of you know that a product with 10mg of THC per dose or more is usually a no-go for me! Not even on my wildest days do I want an edible product with 10mg of THC. So it may surprise you quite a bit to see this review. As someone who loves a bargain, I couldn’t turn down the special offer for these fruit-roll-ups at my the latest member appreciation event at my local dispensary. I could get a pack of 10 for only $1, so my thinking was that I would go ahead and break off smaller amounts, just to try. The upsell for me was also that the product was entirely natural. No added sugars, nothing. Just simple goodness so I thought it might be a good dessert-type product to try one evening before bed and see how it would help my sleep.

I was excited to check it out. Being a kid who loooooooved fruit roll-ups, I was pretty disappointed to find that my 10mg fruit strip was only about a 1 square inch in size!! At 10mg of THC per dose, that meant I was going to get a little fingernail sized candy to support my low dosing regime. Let’s call it a fruit nibble! Flavor was great. I love the addition of the fresh coconut and effect was great too. This product is easily transportable but too high of a dose for me to use regularly and not particularly satisfying with only a nibble. For those of you who favor products with higher doses of THC, however, I do recommend this as something that is all natural.

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