Goodship CBD Peppermint Patties

Product Name:

Dark Chocolate Patties

Product Description: 5mg of THC and CBD per piece

Price: $_ per box (4 patties)


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Kristie Amobi

I found these on a trip to Seattle in a little small 4-pack sample pack and wow! I love the fact that they come in a 5mg THC dose and a 1:1 ratio as well (5mg THC and 5mg CBD). The taste is incredible. I mean FANTASTIC! I have literally sampled hundreds of products, and this candy is simply delectable. For low dosing for stress and sleep, I do really like the 5:1 CBD/ THC ratio of the Lord Jones candies (or something containing 2.5mg or less of THC) but for a recreational product substituting for alcohol or evening after-dinner treat, these are definitely a must-have. There is absolutely no hint of the cannabis extract. They literally melt in your mouth. Of course, it’s important to make sure these are stored way safely away from the
kids. We also recommend buying some regular peppermint patties as a chaser because these are so good you will definitely want another. And we don’t want you to double the dose! Goodship is Washington brand so make sure to check it out if you’re in Washington.

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