Green Revolution – Beauty Sleep

Product Name:

Relaxing Tincture

Product Description: 4 mg of THC and 2 mg CBD per dose

Price: $50 per container (20 doses)

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Kristie Amobi

I originally tried this tincture back in the days when the product was manufactured under the name Ethos. I’m guessing Starbucks had a little problem with that name so now the product is commercialized in Washington under the brand name Green Revolution. As with most tinctures, this one offers a nice way to titrate the dose. Typically the tincture products that have THC and CBD combined usually have a higher ratio of CBD to THC. I like that this is a 2:1 ratio the other way – but still all very low dose at only 4mg THC and 2mg of CBD per dose. My favorite thing about this tincture though – hands down – is the flavor. Somehow the folks at Green Revolution have figured out how to mask/remove the awful taste of cannabis oil. This is lighter and definitely more pleasing to the tongue. I’m not quite sure how they do it but this is definitely a winner. Tinctures are ridiculously expensive for what you get and this is no different. If you like the portability and versatility of a liquid, and you live in Washington, I highly recommend.
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