Haze & Main Sweedies

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Black Cherry Tarts

Product Description: 1.25 mg THC and 1.25 mg CBD per dose

Price: $30 (100 tarts)

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Kristie Amobi

My #1 rule of thumb when you make the decision to try cannabis is to start low and slow. I’m always on the lookout for portable, discrete microdosing products that that can be easily administered and do not offer disruptive side effects. On a recent trip to a cannabis conference, I had the fortunate opportunity to start chatting up with some people from the East Coast about my interest in low dosing. Of course I sang my typical accolades about the Petra mints (now available in many different flavors), but I was whining about how 2.5mg of THC can sometimes be too much and I would love to have something combined with CBD.

I almost couldn’t believe what I heard – my friend, Hunter, told me about Haze & Main Sweedies,
a mint-type candy dosed super low at 1.25mg of THC and 1.25 of CBD per mint, with 100 mints per package! Fortunately, I had the opportunity to try this product and it’s absolutely fabulous. For me, this is the perfect combination of cannabinoids at a super low dose. It’s almost non-feeling, which is great for me because there are truly no disruptive side effects. It simply relaxes me, but in a very subtle way.

The flavor is decent – chewable is always better flavor-wise, but if you’d like to increase the rate of onset, you can always use it like a lozenge. The integrity of the candy is pretty good too – no flaking like other edible mints I’ve tried, and with 100 per tin, it can last quite a while.

With such a low dose, it’s also easy to titrate up if you’d like a stronger effect or are spending the night out. I’ve never seen anything even close to this dose in a 1:1 ratio in the West coast dispensaries. It’s my new favorite product.

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