Mary’s Medicinals Patch

Product Name:

Transdermal Patch

Product Description: 5mg CBD and 5mg of THC per patch

Price: $7 per patch

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Kristie Amobi

For discrete ways to low dose, I highly recommend taking a closer look at the line of Mary’s Medicinals products. They are not the most price friendly option, but the administration through a wrist patch is definitely discrete and very subtle and effective. The labeling states that the effects may last up to 12 hours; in my experience, I felt the full onset after approximately 3 hours. It was a very very relaxed and subtle feel. There’s no taste, obviously but I ranked it at 5 so it wouldn’t throw off the averages. Labeling data vs testing data varies a bit so there could be improvements there but at low doses, these slight variations have very little practical effect. Overall, I give this product very high accolades for creating a subtle, not stoney-at-all effect but super relaxed. It’s a high price point for daily use. Hopefully that can come down over time.

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