Petra CBN Blackberry Mints

Product Name:

CBN and THC Mints

Product Description: 2 mg THC and 1 mg CBN per dose

Price: $16 (40 mints)

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Move over, melatonin. These mints have quickly become a staple bedside item for when I’m having trouble sleeping. Recently, I was going through a period of time where I was experiencing a lot of anxiety, and it was really affecting my sleep. On different nights, I tried different solutions like melatonin, which wouldn’t keep me asleep, and other low-dose cannabis products, which weren’t helping very much.

I was searching online for low dose products specifically designed for sleep when I came across this Petra formula. The difference in my experience was night and day. Within an hour of taking the mint, I easily drifted into sleep, and – most importantly – stayed asleep for the night. One of my favorite things about these is that I don’t have a difficult time waking up or feeling groggy, like I often do when I take melatonin.

These will definitely be my go-to on nights when I need a sleep aid. I can’t speak to these as a nightly solution, since I only take as needed on particularly tough nights. I can, however, strongly recommend these as a great option to try to help you sleep!

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