Plus Black Cherry Mints

Product Name:

Cannabis Infused Mints

Product Description: 2.25 mg THC and .25 mg CBD per dose

Price: $15 (40 mints)

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I had gone into a dispensary looking for something exactly like this: an affordable low dose edible product that would be discreet and work well. This hit all the marks. They don’t taste super great, or minty, actually. They have a chalky medicine taste, but I don’t really mind it. I like that my focus is more on dose and effect than how it tastes.

These mints have been great for work days, stressful outings, and unwinding at the end of a long week. One mint is perfect for staying totally focused but with less stress. Two mints are great for relaxing when you’re really on edge. Even with two, I feel extra calm but not at all out of control. They come in a nice, compact tin and are perfect to keep on you when you’re on the go. I definitely recommend giving these a try!

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