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Kristie Amobi

I’ve looked long and hard, in many states, for low-dose capsules more along the lines of a vitamin or supplement. Not some sugar-laden (or sugar substitute) candy or treat, but something that looks and feels like real medicine! There are a lot of different pills available but very slim pickings in the area of low dosing.

If you’d like something that looks more like traditional medicine, Procana is perfect. Procana offers capsules of all different strengths, but the 3mg pill (3mg of THC per dose) is perfect for low dosing on-the-go. Available in blister packs and traditional over-the-counter bottles, these capsules are very discreet. There’s no flavor going down, but there is bit of a strange gaseous aftertaste that seems to carry along with all of these oil-based capsules.

The biggest problem I have with these pills is the price point. Whether you get the 2-pack or 12-pack, you’re looking about $3/pill, which is outrageous. Of course, there’s some work that’s gone into developing a leak-free capsule (and I really appreciate it!), but given the relatively low amount of THC per capsule, the price point should be much lower.

As with any ingestible method, remember, it may take up to two hours to kick in.

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