Ruby Sugar

Product Name:

Cannabis Sugar

Product Description: 10 mg THC per serving

Price: $_ per bag (10 servings)


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Kristie Amobi

Is it an edible or an “other” – can’t wait to hear what you have to say! Ruby markets itself as the world’s first flexible edible product. To say I was excited to try this is an understatement. Having tried countless low-dose products – the thought of being able to have something as portable and easy to administer as sugar was simply enticing. The only drawback for me was the actual dose per pack at 10mg of THC. It’s not super easy to measure out a quarter of a pack of sugar, so I tried these somewhat trepidatiously, wondering how I was going to feel about potentially going over 5mg of THC. It’s all the good stuff – meaning not many calories, vegan, fat free, no additives, so I thought it was worth a shot. I used about half a pack in some hot tea (to make sure it dissolved properly) and the taste was really gross. It made the tea taste bad and never really dissolved entirely. Perhaps it may be better in cooking, etc., but I won’t risk it at 10mg a packet. For me, the dose is too high and the flavor too bad.
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