Somatik Bean Sparks

Product Name:

Chocolate Coffee Beans

Product Description: 3 mg of THC per piece

Price: $20 per box (25 pieces)


  • Taste
  • Effect
  • Consistency
  • Labeling
  • Value



Kristie Amobi

Being a big fan of the taste of Kiva’s low-dose dark chocolate covered espresso beans, but not a big fan of dosing at 5mg of THC, I was so excited to find these organic chocolate-covered coffee beans in a lower dose of 3mg THC. Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, as with Kiva beans, they vary tremendously in size so consistency can be an issue. At low doses, however, this risk is small that you’re going to get crazy effects. As for Somatik, the packaging and look is simply beautiful. These chocolates could easily grace the shelves of Sugarfina, but the taste is simply not there. For low dosing options less than 5mg, it’s worth a try but in my opinion, you might as well stick with the Kiva Petra mints – you’re going to get way more value and quality for the same price.
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