Vive Sublingual Tablets

Product Name:

1:1 Fruity Tablets

Product Description: 2.5 mg of THC and CBD per dose

Price: $25 (20 tablets)

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Eva Davis

This review comes from Eva Davis, founder of cVia Life.

First of all, I am all about sublinguals – they act fast (15-30 minutes) and you don’t have to smoke or vape! Win/win for me! I have a real soft spot for Vive tablets because they were one of the very first THC products I ever tried about a year ago. I continue to enjoy these little micro-dose tablets because they’re so easy to consume and so discreet. I pop 1 or 2 under my tongue, and they have a nice tart, fruity taste and dissolve within a few minutes. The effect is very subtle – I just feel a slight relaxation and peacefulness.

I’ve shared a lot of these with friends, and they all give the Vive Tablets glowing reviews. The only downside is the cute little package can be tough to open. So it is child proof, but also a little adult proof! They can also be a little hard to find in Southern California, but go to their website (, and you can ask to see where there’s a dispensary near you. The owner personally called me back and was very nice, so I was impressed with their customer service.

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