Cannabis Reduces Alcohol Consumption & Medication Use

There is still a lot of stigma and taboo surrounding cannabis, but as legalization and consumption increase, we’re learning just how beneficial cannabis can be. A recent report from Eaze surveyed more than 4,000 cannabis consumers and showed a significant decrease in alcohol and medication use across all demographics as a result of using cannabis.

Decrease in Drinking

According to the report, 60% of cannabis users decreased their alcohol consumption, while 7% of users stopped consuming alcohol completely. This spans across all generations, with Millennials surprisingly reporting the largest decrease in alcohol use.

If you’re wondering why this matters, it’s important to consider the effects of alcohol versus cannabis. There are a lot of reasons suggesting that cannabis is a much healthier and safer alternative to alcohol. Everyone is aware of the danger of heavy use and alcoholism, but not all know that even moderate use carries risks. Research indicates varying amounts of drinking are associated with heart and liver issues, depression, brain function, increased body weight and more (learn more). Not to mention an awful night’s sleep.

There are a host of risks and side effects associated with consuming alcohol. Cannabis is proving to be an alternative that is better for your health, your waistline, and your pocketbook.

Decrease in Medications

Most Americans regularly take OTC medications, and the majority also use prescription medications. What isn’t talked about is the severe risks associated with medications.

Prescription medications carry a range of serious side effects and risks, even fatal risks (see our post comparing cannabis to prescription medications). OTC medications also carry risks, ranging from liver and kidney damage to even heart attacks and strokes (learn more).

The Eaze survey documented a dramatic decrease in OTC and prescription medication use as a result of using cannabis. A vast majority, 71% of people surveyed decreased their use of OTC medications, and 35% were able to decrease their prescription medication use.

Consider if Cannabis is Right for You

33 states have laws permitting the use of cannabis for various medical conditions and 10 states allow the legal use of cannabis for adults without medical recommendations. When carefully dosed and controlled, cannabis can offer significant benefits for relaxation with little-to-no side effects. If you’ve been thinking about ways to reduce your alcohol consumption or decrease your use of medications for anxiety, sleep and pain, consider a low dose of cannabis and see how you feel. It is important to consult your physician before altering any prescribed regimen, and if you do decide to try cannabis, remember to always start low and slow!