Dosing for Beginners

If you’ve ever had or heard about a bad cannabis experience, it’s most likely because the dose was too high. A lot of people don’t even think about a “dose” related to cannabis, because people mostly think about cannabis in terms of smoking, which is difficult to keep track of For new cannabis consumers, or people who are very cautious about consuming cannabis, the best way to control the dose is with an oral form of administration. This is especially true for those of you looking to use cannabis to ease stress and aid sleep without getting high.

Dosage Labels

Any manufactured cannabis product from a licensed dispensary should be clearly labeled, at the very least with the amount of THC and CBD, the two primary cannabinoids. Edible products (foods, tinctures, capsules, etc.) will provide the exact dose per serving, making it very easy to control how much you’re taking. Smoking or vaping is a lot more difficult to control, since it depends on exactly how much the consumer inhales each time.

As with any drug, including alcohol, the effects of cannabis are variable and will depend on a number of factors such as dose, method of administration, concurrent drug use, individual metabolism, etc. It’s important to start low and slow with your cannabis regimen to maintain greater control and to help reduce any unwanted side effects, especially with the amount of THC per dose. These guidelines should not be considered medical advice. Please consult your physician.

Determining Dose

Here at Rebalan, we recommend keeping cannabis doses low, which we define as 5 mg or less of THC (and an equal or greater amount of CBD). This will still give you the desired calming effects without a sense of losing control, and hopefully avoid any negative side-effects like nausea or anxiety, which may be present with higher doses.

Based on some of the published research, there have been dosing guidelines published with a more specific rule of thumb based on weight: 5-10 mg of THC for every 100 kg (220 lbs) of body weight (with an equal amount or greater of CBD). In our experience, and the experiences we hear from the community, for beginners, we recommend that you start off with a dose of 1-2 mg of THC. Err on the low side when first starting out to get a sense of how you’re affected.

Start Low and Slow

As far as practical matters go, we recommend that you start low and slow with edibles, regardless of your experience with smoking cannabis. Tolerances vary widely and the effects from smoking or vaping cannabis can be very different than the effects from oral administration.

Remember that with oral administration methods, it may take up to 2-3 hours to feel the full effects. With this in mind, do not not take another dose the same day if you are not feeling the effects. Wait a day or two and take an increased dose at the next sitting. See how the effects change.

As you try different products and doses (especially different ratios of cannabinoids), pay attention to what provides the best effects for you. An ideal cannabis experience will help you relax without getting high or any unwanted side effects.