Method Layering: Combining Effects

If you read our post on Choosing a Cannabis Consumption Method, you know there several different ways to consume cannabis. Some offer quicker onset while others are slower acting but offer longer lasting effects.

What if you’re looking for a quick onset and long lasting effects, for something like insomnia? This is where an approach called method layering can help. Method layering is combining different types of consumption methods for different effects.

Inhaling cannabis, or taking cannabis sublingually, may have faster onset effects, but these effects typically don’t last more than a few hours. This means you may fall asleep faster, but might not stay asleep for the whole night.

On the flipside, ingesting cannabis has a much more gradual time of onset, but the effects last for hours – usually 6-8 hours total. Ingesting cannabis is the most effective method of administration for staying asleep throughout the night, especially if you’re able to ingest cannabis an hour or two before you plan on falling asleep.

If you’re ready to sleep immediately, this is when method layering can come in handy. You can inhale cannabis or consume a sublingual tincture to gain a quicker time of onset in combination with an edible for longer-lasting effects. This means you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep better. If you have challenges in both of these areas, method layering may be perfect for you.

Because cannabis is a very personal experience, especially based on your own body’s chemistry, it’s important to experiment with method layering to find the right combination of effects for you. Just remember to always start low and slow! If you want to learn more about different consumption methods, read our recent post.