New Study Shows Promise for Older Adults Using Medical Cannabis

A common concern around cannabis use is that it could cause negative cognitive effects. While there is some research showing effects from long-term, heavy use, especially when starting use during adolescence, there is a severe lack of research around low to moderate cannabis use. A new study, however, conducted on adults using cannabis for pain, suggests no impact on cognition.

The study was done on chronic pain patients averaging age 60-63, which is actually a primary demographic for medical cannabis use. Here at Rebalan, we focus predominantly on low dose cannabis for stress and sleep, but chronic pain is actually the leading reason people seek out medical cannabis use.

During the research, participants were asked to abstain from cannabis use for certain amounts of time prior to being tested in different of areas of cognitive functioning. Researchers found no difference in cognitive function when comparing length of use, typical dosage, strains, or any other factor of use.

While it safe to say that there is a strong need for long-term research and more in depth studies, this is a promising sign for those seeking relief from chronic pain. See the full study here.