Organic Cannabis Labeling

Most of our followers care deeply about understanding exactly what goes into their bodies and how it will affect them. That’s exactly why Rebalan exists: to help educate consumers exploring cannabis as a safe, natural alternative. A big question that conscientious consumers want to know about is how to buy organic cannabis.

Unfortunately, there are currently no federal guidelines or standards to certify cannabis as organic. This means that labeling a cannabis product as organic won’t be backed by federal certifications. You can’t be sure if a cannabis product is truly organic given the current gaps in labeling guidelines.

Safest Options

If organic products are of utmost importance to you, the only way to guarantee you’re consuming organic cannabis is to grow your own. We don’t recommend this for the purpose of smoking if you’re a beginner or looking to microdose, since it’s difficult to control your dosing this way.

Most of our readers are looking for controlled doses that won’t affect their health. Pre-packaged, low dose products are the easiest way to know how much you’re consuming. While products can’t be labeled as certified organic, there are still things you can do to make sure you’re making safe purchases.

Dockside Cannabis, a licensed dispensary in Seattle, WA

States that have legalized recreational cannabis do have guidelines in place to control what is being sold. Licensed dispensaries can only sell licensed products, which have standards on things like pesticide levels, bacteria and other issues. This means that the only way to make sure you’re buying products that are being monitored is to purchase only from licensed dispensaries. Learn more about this in our recent post.

Getting Started

As education and legalization continues to increase in the U.S., we hope that guidelines on federal organic labeling will be put in to place so that consumers can know exactly what they’re buying. In the meantime, we encourage you to find a great licensed dispensary near you, and to check out the products we have tried and recommend on our product reviews page.