Hemp Legalization is Complicating Marijuana Prosecution

Earlier this year, we talked about the boom of CBD products across the U.S. thanks to the 2018 bill that legalized hemp products. Not only has that paved a way for the CBD industry, turns out it’s been a huge stroke of luck for those battling low level marijuana possession charges.

A recent article from NBC has unpacked why the legalization of hemp has caused so many complications in these cases. In order to achieve a conviction, courts have to prove that the plant found with the defendant is indeed marijuana, which is higher in THC and is still illegal in many states, and not hemp, which is low in THC and has been federally decriminalized. Between time and budget limits for testing the evidence of these hundreds of cases, many charges are being delayed or even dropped.

Read the full article from NBC.

Header image from original article – Joan Wong / Getty Images