Support Black-Owned Cannabis Businesses

Here at Rebalan, we acknowledge systemic racism in our country, including the reality that black communities have been disproportionately affected by the War on Drugs and continue to face discrimination in business. One thing we can do right now is support black-0wned businesses. Check out these amazing, black-owned cannabis companies.

American Cannabinoid Clinics

This Portland, OR company offers in-person and telehealth visits to deliver integrative, cannabinoid care. They offer consultations, education, and even medical card evaluations. If you want customized support as you explore cannabis use, this business is an ideal resource for West-coast based consumers.

Ilera Healthcare

This Pennsylvania group is a fully-integrated medical marijuana company with special formulas, in vape pens or tinctures, for precise, desired results.

Viola Brands

Viola, started in Detroit, is truly a pioneer in the industry. They empower minority ownership, invest in partnerships and initiatives to serve the underprivileged in their community, and produce quality products.


Euphorium is a boutique, California state licensed cannabis delivery service in Oakland, California. They offer a high class ordering experience with a great range of products.


This is a Denver-based company with a heart for social justice, quality products, and healthy alternatives. They have a specialty line of CBD products a Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook that home chefs should definitely check out.