Who is using cannabis and why?


The demographics for cannabis users continue to shift drastically away from old cliches. Cannabis is no longer just about teenagers getting high; it’s increasingly becoming a source of relief for stress, pain and sleep issues across all adult generations. A recent poll from Eaze gave us a look at who is using cannabis, how, and for what purposes. Here are some of the key takeaways.


People with Responsibilities


The modern consumer has a lot of the responsibilities of typical adulthood: 36% are parents, 68% are pet-owners, and 84% are employed or working on their education. An extremely interesting finding to us was that almost half of employed consumers microdose before work, some on occasion and some on a daily basis.

We’re encouraged to see that more people are understanding dosage, and are able to use cannabis for stress relief while staying focused and in control. This is one of the core focal points here at Rebalan that we hope to continue educating interested consumers about.


For Stress and Sleep


Using cannabis to relieve stress and aid sleep are two of the Rebalan cornerstones that we’re incredibly passionate about. The numbers show that these are two of the leading purposes for cannabis use. Over half of users use cannabis for stress, mental health, and productivity, and 12% reported using it to aid sleep. A growing number of users, around 12%, report using cannabis to manage physical pain or cope with a chronic condition, which is a growing area of research for cannabis use.

It’s promising to see how many people are able to benefit from cannabis for so many purposes.We hope that as more people understand dosage, strains, and cannabinoid differences, more people will be able to tailor cannabis use to fit their needs and find relief.


There Is No ‘Typical’ User

Cannabis use crosses all major demographics: gender, age, education, employment, job industry, parental status, and beyond. If you’re wondering if low dosing cannabis is right for you, we encourage you to learn about local cannabis regulations, dosage, and ways to consume cannabis. There is a lot of information to get you started on our blog, and if you’re ready to get started, you can explore our product reviews.