New Research Adds to Vaping Concerns

In late 2019, fears around the safety of vaping skyrocketed as hundreds of lung injury cases began to emerge. The cases quickly became tied to vaping, and dozens turned fatal. When we addressed the outbreak in a 2019 post, the CDC was advising against vaping while they investigated. ll of the injuries at the time were tied to unregulated brands sold outside of licensed dispensaries. Many of these unregulated brands were found to contain additives like vitamin E acetate, which is dangerous for inhalation.

New research has emerged adding to the concerns around cannabis vaping. The study found that across over 2,000 young adults, “cannabis vaping at any level was associated with increased odds of bronchitic symptoms, and cannabis vaping 3 or more times in the last month was associated with increased odds of wheeze, even after simultaneously adjusting for nicotine vaping, cigarette smoking, and combustible cannabis use.”

This research is especially alarming in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which as everyone knows poses a significant risk of lung damage. While the new study did not control for or compare vaping sources on additives or regulation, the data adds to increased concern about vaping in this time.

Here at Rebalan, we primarily encourage consumption types that can be precisely dosed, like edibles and tinctures. We have tried and appreciated options like Dosist, which allows for precise dosing while vaping. However, we are strong advocates of safety and research, and want to continue to encourage caution as this issue continues to be researched. As always, we advise only purchasing cannabis products from licensed dispensaries to ensure that you are consuming regulated products.